Creatures of Darkness

Creatures of Darkness 3.3

MorphVOX Creatures of Darkness offers astonishingly evil voices

For all those who have always wished to have a voice just like the devil, the MorphVOX Creatures of Darkness 3.3 offers astonishingly evil voices, like that of a Lich Lord, Goblin, Wraith, and many more. Basically this tool doubles the fun of the MorphVOX Voice Changer Software, and serves as an add-on utility, rendering amazingly funny sounds to all its users.

This funny tool presents all its users, with a nice chance to sound like a grumpy dwarf or a mighty giant, a cruel Goblin or a ruthless Golem. It features eight unique sounds including a Goblin, Golem, Half-Orc, Cave Troll, Lich Lord, Shade, as well as a Wraith.
While the Cave Troll gives the feeling of an ancient warrior, the Lich Lord comes with a devil laughter. The Wrath challenges all its listener that they can’t destroy him, whereas the Goblin has a demon voice. The Shade voice changer effect is bound to scare someone to be away from you, while the Half Orc sounds as though the user is challenging someone for a duel.

As a whole, it is an innovative tool, which incorporates the latest audio filters and technology to produce a break-through in voice modification, and surely features plenty of breath-taking scary sound effects.

Luis Sanchez
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  • 8 funny evil sounds


  • Requires MorphVOX Pro voice changer software
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